Pololu Simple High-Power Motor Controller 24v23

Is the power capacitor optional? The guide says that it has a big effect on performance, and it is the minimum size recommended. It also says that a larger one may be necessary depending on the quality or distance to the power source. Some details or examples would be helpful. I also do not see any soldering info and there aren’t any holes that are marked capacitor… I guess we should try to infer from the photo where it should be installed? Also, there are two rc connectors on the board, but I don’t see any further explanation. Does it require both? Is one for forward and the other for reverse for instance? Thanks for your help.


It sounds like you are mistaking the product page for the user’s guide. You can find the motor controller user’s guide under the product page’s resources tab:


We strongly recommend you use the included capacitor for all but the smallest loads. Larger loads can result in damage to the board if the capacitor is not soldered in. You can find more information about connecting the capacitor in section 4.1 of the user’s guide. You can find information about the RC channels in section 4.3.

- Ben

Thanks Ben.

Got it all hooked up and it works great. Very happy!

Great, I’m glad to hear it’s working for you!

- Ben