Pololu product to propulse a RC Car with Lipo

We are using a 3.7V Lipo Battery of 6600mA on a small RC Car that we are currently hacking.
When using a multimeter we detected a current consumption of 250mA on the power supply.
So we used the the Pololu 799 (Pololu Adjustable Boost Regulator 4-25V) regulated on 6V output.

The pololu regulator died quicly… so we make advanced reseach.
It appears that the RC Car control the motor with lot of PMW… so the apparent 250mA may not be the true but a “mean value” calculated by the multimeter.

We did measure the Short-circuit current directly on the motor (around 8Amp at 5V).

The question is:
What kind of regulator should be use to convert our LiPo 3.7V 6600mA to power up a RC Car consuming 250mA (apparently) but having intermittent power surge up to 16A (there are 2 motors)?


We do not carry any regulators that can step up from 3.7V and supply that much current, and I do not have any recommendation where you can find one like that.

In a situations like yours I recommend replacing the battery with a 2S LiPo and powering the motor directly if your motor can take the extra voltage.