Pololu Motor controller with Handy Board

I need to drive 4 ~2 amps DC motors with my Handy Board (which only delivers 1 amp max). I saw this post on the Handy Board FAQ page:

check out the motor drivers at pololu.com: pololu.com/catalog/category/11 These can wire into the L + R, on/off, and PWM outputs from the Handy Board (i.e., the inputs to the L293). So you can yank a 293 and run its signals to one of these board.

What does this mean? How can I interface a motor driver with my Handy Board?



You should look at something like pololu.com/catalog/product/713 with the two H-bridges in parallel (so you would need one of these per motor). Again, look at the datasheets and the Handy Board schematics to figure out how you would hook these up.

- Jan