Pololu mode protocol

I have a noobish question. I am using Pololu Micro Serial Servo Controller interfacing with PIC for a project. The controller is set to Pololu mode, with 4 servos attached.
While reading over the user manual, I am a bit unsure about the third or the command byte of a signal sequence. The manual states that the third byte is the command byte and then goes on to explain each of the 6 commands. I would like to know what byte to send to trigger each commands. i.e. since the command names are command 0-6, do I just send a value between 00000000 and 00000110 as my third byte, or is there a list elsewhere where each command has a corresponding 8 bit binary code?
Thanks in advance.


Those “names” are the actual command byte values: 0 - 6. It would be really confusing if we used numbers to name commands that differed from the actual command bytes!

- Ben