Pololu item #: 2271 Verification the motor specifications

We have " 9.7:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx48L mm HP 6V with 48 CPR Encoder “ model motor. We would like to verify the Matlab Motor Performance diagrams and for this we made few experiments.

We connected the motor directly to the external DC Power Supply which has 0-24 V and 10 A capacity.

First, we measured free run current and we read 560 mA. This value is same as catalog value. However, when we tried to measure stall current, we blocked the shaft rotation and measured 2,8A. According to the catalog value, it should be 5.6 A.

How is this possible ? Are there any wrong steps in our experiment ?


Are you sure you have a 6V HP motor and not a 12V HP motor? The 5.6 A stall current that you reference is what you get when you stall our 12V HP motors at 12V, and if you stalled those at 6V, you would see half of that, or 2.8 A. (Our 6V HP motors have a stall current of 6.5 A at 6V.)