Pololu I2C Extender

Hi, I am having troubles with I2C Extenders.
My goal is to let arduinos communicate via I2C with 5 m long cables,
so I wired according to the datasheet as below


→ my wiring

But it does not seem to be working.
I checked that directly wiring arduinos by short enough wires without extenders work totally fine,
confirming that the code does not have any problem.

Could you please check whether there are any problems on the above wiring method?
Thanks in advance.


We do not carry any I2C extender boards, so unfortunately I am not sure what products you are using or whether you are using them correctly. I suggest contacting the manufacturer of your board or the retailer you got them from.

- Patrick

Hello Patrick, thank you for prompt reply.

I could see the part has been discontinued,
but there already are some discussions regarding the product like this post(I2C Differential Extender - Multiple I2C devices on common bus)

So, would there be any people who could help me with this product?
Thank you

My apologies, I had forgotten that we used to carry that board and did not recognize the diagram from your first post.

Can you post some pictures of your setup that shows all of your connections, including close up pictures of your boards? What components are you using with the extenders, and have you tried looking at your setup with a scope to see what is going on?

- Patrick