Pololu AVR Library ENCODERs


I got the POLOLU encoders and wheels, but i want to use them with my IGEP(similar to beagleboard) whose microprocessor is OMAP3530. The AVR Library is not designed to my architecture so I would like to know if i still can use it or if i should change something on the code to be able to work on my sistem.

Thank you in advance.

Hello, Chema.

Unfortunately, no. The PololuWheelEncoders section of the Pololu AVR C/C++ Library will only work on AVRs. The basic logic in the body of ISR(PCINT0_vect) that converts changes in input pin values to changes in encoder counts is portable, but most of the helper functions that make it work are AVR-specific.

The signal from our encoders is just like the signal you would get from any other quadrature encoder, so I recommend looking around to see if someone has already written a quadrature encoder library for your board.