Pololu A4983 + Arduino, motor not moving

Hi everyone,

For my project, I am using the same stepper motor driver (a4983) to drive the stepper motor (3.9v, 600mA) using Arduino Uno Atmega 328h microcontroller. I believe I have made all connection properly. However my motor is not moving at all. Could you please tell me your connections in detail so I can find my mistake. I am using the same supply of 12v to run the motor. Sorry I am not very familiar with electronics.

Kind Regards,
Kunal Goswami


I split your post into a separate topic. Please do not post at the end of unrelated topics.

What connections have you made? Can you provide a schematic and an in-focus picture of your system? What code are you running?

The most minimal connections to make are the ones we show in the diagram on the stepper motor driver product page.

- Ryan