Pololu 8-Servo with 1 Servo

Hi ,
I have a Pololu 8-Servo in Mini SSC Mode and 1 servo connected on servo position #7.
My serial setting is 9600 Baud Rate on COM4.
When put the power ON, i can see the LED yellow ON but when i send command
like : 0xFF 0x07 0xFE … the yellowe LED turn OFF, green LED turn ON and OFF and after that nothing happen.

I need to know if i do something wrong. Is it normal if all LED turn OFF after sending position command ?

Thank you


Do you have our Serial 8-Servo Controller? As its user’s guide states, the green LED indicates serial activity, while the yellow LED is lit initially before any serial input is received, and afterwards only lights to indicate a position warning. As a result, it would be normal for all the LEDs to turn off when you are not transmitting a serial command and there are no warning or error conditions. Does the controller otherwise work for you?

- Kevin