POLOLU 5V boost regulator


I bought a few 5v Pololu Boost Regulators.
The documentation says it can draw 200mA max.
NCP1402 datasheet tells High Efficiency (close to 85%).
I tested those 5v regulators with :
Vin = 3V
Iout (@5V) = 60mA.

Iin measured is about 120mA.

Efficieny is 60mA/120mA = 50% (far from 85%) !

Are those regulators working correctly ?

Thanks for your answer,


Actually, those numbers indicate 83.3% efficiency since you need to convert to watts and compare that.

5V * 0.06A = 0.30W
3V * 0.12A = 0.36W
0.30W/0.36W = 83.3%

I’m ashamed to have asked this question…
I really forgot this big detail of physics…
Thank you for your answer.