Pololu 3pi Source codes

Hello! I’m new into the robotics. I’ve one pololu 3pi robot. I have done line follower and maze solver. Are there any site, where i can get some source codes (projects). Everything abouth the pololu 3pi is inactive, but i want to get some new ideas. :grinning:

You could get some ideas from pcbway site or GitHub.


It sounds like you might be talking about an original 3pi robot (and not the newer 3pi+ 32U4 or 3pi+ 32U4 OLED robots).

Even though the original 3pi robot is discontinued, you can still view all the documentation we have for it on its product page. If you are looking for project ideas, you might take a look at all of the links listed under the “Resources” tab and the “On the blog” tab.

- Patrick