Pololu 37D x 68L c/w 64 CPR Encoder -

I am new to the Ardunio world of electronics and am working through a number of tutorials, flashing LEDs, coding servo motor, displaying text on a LCD display, etc. BUT am having trouble with some code to operate a Pololu 37D x 68L c/w 64 CPR Encoder - (Other devices that I have: Ardunio UNO, VNH5019 Single Motor Driver Carrier, Mean Well NES-100-12 Power Supply (12 volt - 8.5 amp) I have loaded the Pololu Dual VNH5019 Motor Driver Carrier Library hoping that would assist me. I am aware that Pololu does not write code for projects but if there are any samples of running up a DC Motor CW - stopping - running down CCW etc. then I would have something to build on. It would be greatly appreciated!


You should be able to modify and use the demo code we have for our Arduino shield version of the VNH5019 carrier (the library you mentioned). You would need to make sure you install [the library][0] and connect your carrier to the same pins on the Arduino that we use on the shield. Also, the demo program has fault handling which will stop it from working if there are not two VNH5019 motor channels present, so you might want to remove the fault portions of the demo or the part that deals with the second motor. You can find the pin mapping for the VNH5019 shield in the “Shield Connections” section of the [user’s guide for the VNH5019 shield][1].