Please help Servos stop working

This is my second post on this issue after receiving a new set of servos. I carefully connected one of the servos to the Maestro then the battery pack and all started working well then bang! The servo stopped working! I plugged in another servo…it started working again with the sliders after about 20 seconds…it stopped working. This is driving me insane as I don’t know what else to do. I have replaced the power supply, replaced the servos…the only thing left is the Maestro board. Can someone please help?

EDIT: I might add…something really odd was happening as well…I wound the servo arm backwards to its locked position as after things stopped I thought the servo might be stuck. Then the servo would only work forwards and stopped responding to the slider when dragging it backwards then it just stopped altogether? EDIT: I tried plugging the three servos in together (see pic) but nothing happened except for one of the servos getting extremely hot.
Thanks for any help.

Hello, Bidge.

Since you seem to be having problems with multiple servos, is your picture your complete system as you tested those servos? If not, can you post some pictures of your complete system including all connections? Can you send me your Maestro settings file. You can save it by selecting “Save settings file” under the “File” menu in the Maestro Control Center software. Can you read the voltage at your battery pack with a multimeter and tell us what you get? Did you have any load on your servos when you tested them? Also, can you link us to the datasheet or product page for those servos? Did you get your servos from the same source as before and are they the same servos you used previously?


Hi Derrill.
Thanks for your help though I have solved the problem out of desperation.
I went out and bought a 3 x AA battery holder, inserted 3 x 1.5 V rechargeable AA batteries and connected it to a JR connector. I have now got a beautifully working Pololu Maestro with 2 x happy servos connected to it. The company that sold me the Maestro in Australia matched this battery pack to the Maestro:

Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack: 6.0 V, 2200 mAh, 5x1 AA Cells
Use this setup below or at least a lower voltage rechargeable battery pack so you don’t burn out your servos:

Although the Tower Pro Servos are rated 3.5 V to 7 V it seems at the higher end of the scale they will burn out. I went through 9 servos to discover this :frowning:
I’m just glad I solved the problem and can continue with the project. Derrill…thank you for your support.


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