Please help me!

helo guys! just wanna know if the dual serial motor controller (SMCO1) is the same from micro dual serial controller (SMCO2) im confused. there is no SMCO2 available here in the Phillippines (Asian Country) so i wanna do it manually. please give me the complete materials for SMCO2. if I assemble the dual serial motor controller, will the program should change? Oh noh, im confused. kindly help me peeps! thanks keep on rockin! peace out!


The micro dual serial motor controller is a bit different from the dual serial motor controller. The main differences are the size and operating voltage. The micro version has separate motor and logic supplies, and the motor supply can be about 2-10 V. The other unit takes a single 6-24 V supply. Both units are code-compatible, so you shouldn’t need to make any changes to your program.

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- Jan