PC software for the Micro SSC?

I have a Micro Serial Servo Controller (item# 207) for a robotics project. Besides the included “transmitter” application, are there any other PC softwares that will work with this? I’m looking for a simple application that I can use to just test the controller and servos without having to memorize or look up servo control codes. Thanks!


VSA from Brookshire Software works with the Micro SSC. Also, have you seen Colin Karpfinger’s tutorial on using the Pololu servo controller in .NET? It is written for the serial 8 servo controller, but it will work with the Micro SSC, and there is a sample C# application you can download and try out (and potentially customize if it doesn’t do everything you want).

Our latest servo controller, the Micro Maestro 6-channel servo controller, is supported by the Maestro Control Center application.

- Ben

Thanks, I had forgotten about Colin Karpfinger’s tutorial, that’s the ticket. I’m hoping RoboRealm will also work, I gave it a try a while back with the Parallax USB SC. I intend on ultimately using RoboRealm, I just haven’t gotten around to buying it yet and just needed a simple app to test circuits until then.

RoboRealm included support for the Pololu servo controllers way back when it was freeware (albeit a little crashey). If you want to check it out, there is a copy of the last free version here.


Thanks Adam, that’s perfect! I lost my free copy with a HD crash and have been putting off buying the latest version. This will tide me over until I’ve gotten the hardware tested and am sure RR will work for me.