Parallax Propeller and A4983

I am working on a project that drives the A4983 from a Parallax Propeller Proto board

I initially started with the Sparkfun’s Easydriver, but when it didn’t have enough power to drive my lathe I swtiched it out for the A4983 (both use the Alegro chips and the code I wrote works for both - just had to rewire)

anyway - I now have the A4983 hooked up and I’m getting about the same torque at the stepper motor (which needless to say isn’t enough to drive my lathe lead screw)

so my question is - could it be my stepper motor? I tried several different power supplies with different voltages and amperages and they don’t seem to change things… My stepper motor is a bit smaller and says something about 4v and 2amps - but other than that I don’t know anything about it


Can you tell us more about your setup? How much torque do you need? How did you measure that it was the same? What are the details of your power supplies? Have you adjusted the current-limiting?

- Ryan