Output Resistor

I’m trying to power a string of leds that have my own resistor. I understand that on the signal line there is a built in 220 ohm resistor. The built in resistor is causing my leds to dim beyond what I want. I’ve tried removing my resistor and just use the 220 ohm but it is still more than I need.

Is there a way to remove the built in resistor so I can use my own? My leds require a 12 ohm resistor to perform at the brightness I desire.


Hello, Tim.

Are you referring to one of our products? If so, which one? Can you give us more information about your system and the components in it?


I’m sorry. Yes it is a micro master.

I’m using flickering leds and I would like a small delay before they turn on. I’ve assigned an output and wrote the code to turn on the output after 15ms. They come on fine. Calculating the resistor value for the 8 leds in parallel says I need a 12 ohm resistor. The built in resistor in the micro master is providing too much resistance limiting current to my leds and the end result is dim leds.

In general, the Maestro signal pins should probably not be used to power other devices directly. You might consider using a MOSFET to toggle power to your LEDs through a Micro Maestro signal pin. Doing it this way, you can add whatever resistors you need for your LEDS.