Opto coupler on servo controller

I need to be able to connect a standard opto coupler to a servo controller so i can use one of the servo ports to switch something on/off

does anyone have any links to information on how to do that ?




Our servo controllers already have 220-ohm resistors on their outputs, so you can probably connect the output directly to your optocoupler LED. However, the servo controller outputs are just pulses, so that’s what you’d get on the other side of the optocoupler, too. If you need steady high/low outputs, you would need to add something that outputs high or low based on a servo pulse input.

- Jan



any hints on what we could use to convert the PWM to a simple switch ?



We should have a product just for that by the end of the month.

- Jan

Any information on this new product?

Sorry, it’s not done yet! It should definitely be out soon, though, and we’ll make a post about it once it’s available.

- Jan

We’ve run into a problem with the design that will require a new PCB revision, so unfortunately, we’re looking at another few weeks before the units will be available.

- Jan