One servo works, two don't?

Hi guys!

I am absolutly lost!

I built a couple of cockpit instruments and used servos to control the gauge’s needles.
Then, i wrote a little software that sends the output of my flight simulator to the 8 serial servo controller #727
The software is doing this 10 times a second.
Controlling one instrument works perfectly but once I connect a second one, the yellow LED starts to enlight a few times, then the red light comes up and the servo controller stalls. The strange thing is, data for both instruments is sent to the servo controller all the time, the controller only stalls when the second servo is connected. Any Ideas anybody?



Baud rate is set to 19200baud
I alredy tried several other servos without success
I did not exceed the pulse range

Hello Bjorn,
If plugging in the second servo causes problems, you have a power issue. How are you powering everything? Can you post a picture?

Hello Paul,

Thanks for the answer, i really haven’t thought about that yet.
I’m powering everything using a Powersupply with 5V and 500mAh max current, i’ll exchange the power supply for the servos with a proper batterypack and give it a try.



Yup, that sounds like the problem. Good luck with the battery pack!