Noob question: why is servo angle <180deg?

Good afternoon,

Please forgive the newbie question. I just got the Micro Maestro 6 installed for the first time and I’m a little surprised at its behavior. I have a 6v power supply and one servo.

Unfortunately moving the slider all the way in the studio software only moves the servo a few degrees. I’ve read that servos will not turn more than a full revolution without modification, but I expected to at least be able to chose a given angle within +/- 180 degrees. Is there some setting or something I need to adjust to make this work correctly??


Most servos will rotate 90 degrees with the standard input pulse width range of 1-2ms and many will rotate somewhere between 150-200 degrees when you widen that range. You can find directions for using the Maestro control center to find your servos maximum rotation in this post. Be careful when going past the normal 90 degree range to avoid damaging your servo.

For more information about servos and controlling them, I recommend taking a look at the blog posts about servos here.