No PWM from Micro Serial Servo Controller

I was using a Micro Serial Servo Controller without issues; but it stopped working. I’m sending the right data and the board is detecting the parity without problems but It doesn’t move the servos. I verified the serial commands using the Pololu Serial Transmitter. I was using a Labview application that was generating aleatory data before it failed. I just wonder if there are special serial commands that disable the servo’s outputs. It is weird. Please, help me! We are using the board in a senior design project.


It’s possible you accidentally sent a command that changed the servo numbers to which your controller responds, either as a result of noise on the serial line or a bug in your program. Can you try restoring the servo numbers to their default value (see the last page of the user’s guide for more information). Please let me know if that doesn’t fix things.

- Ben

Hi Ben,
Thank you so much! It solved my issue. It was in 8-15 mode. I sent the 128,2,0 command and It is working again in 0-7 mode :slight_smile:

Great, I’m glad to hear it’s working again!

- Ben