Nice hot air rework station!

Just noticed the hot air rework station w/ soldering iron on the new products page, nice! I picked up the MPJA clone of that station a year or two ago and it’s been really great.

Any chance of also carrying the hot-tweezers? They’re really handy when you want to just yank a component off a board without heating the whole thing up (or, you know, using two irons, or doing the back and forth dance with one). MPJA has a standalone one that plugs into the iron socket on the rework station, but it looks like Aoyue sells theirs with its own power supply. I wonder if you could get these by themselves, and if they would work with either of the soldering stations you’re carrying.

In any case, kudos on the variable temperature iron and hot air rework station.


Hi, Adam.

I got one of those tweezer sets a few years ago and they didn’t do much for me. I guess they might be more useful on 1206 size and larger components, which we don’t use much of. We’ll look into getting some.

- Jan

I find they’re good down to 0805, but I try not to go much smaller than that (especially when I want to be able to easily route traces in between the pads on a 2-layer board).