I think I’m going to try to build a robot, but I’m only 15 years old and my parents knows nothing about computers nor electric things. I know C++ and i learn fast(i guess). What do I need to build a robot. I’ve already looked at some example code from the code library, and the code seems fool proof(yay for me! :slight_smile: ), so I dont think I will have any problems with that. I dont know a thing about all the electric things. I guess there’s a manual with Orangutan that explains how you add things like battery’s :wink:

Will this be enough to make a functional robot(one that can go forward backwards and turn) I’ll do the chassi thing on my own.

I’f you find grammatical errors it’s not because I’m retarded :laughing: English is not my native language, I’m from Sweden…


Our Orangutan robot controller line is aimed at advanced users for whom an AVR datasheet and Orangutan schematic are adequate documentation. The only documentation we provide with the Orangutan LV-168 is this quick-start sheet. I strongly recommend you look through this to see if this documentation will be enough to let you get started. See if the included schematic makes sense to you and also take a look at the mega168 datasheet to see if you can understand it (when you use the Orangutan, you are writing C programs that run on a mega168 AVR microcontroller). Lastly, look at some of the demo source code on the Orangutan LV-168 page so you can get a feeling for what your programs will be like.

There are other robot controllers/robot kits out there that are more beginner-friendly, but I feel like the Orangutans are more powerful once you know how to program AVRs. The question is: do you want to jump right into real microcontroller programming, or would you be better off getting your feet wet with something like Parallax’s Boe-bot?

My first recommendation is that you consider choosing wheels specifically designed to work with Tamiya gearboxes: Tamiya wheels. The RW2 wheels are designed for Solarbotics gearboxes, though it looks like the 3mm Tamiya 70097 gearbox output shaft will fit the RW2 wheels.

If you make your own chassis, your list gives you everything you need for your robot except a power source. The Orangutan LV-168 is designed to operate off of 3 NiMH cells, so if you don’t already own a 3-cell battery pack, I recommend you also purchase our 3-AA battery holder (product #0142).

Lastly, you might want to consider purchasing a ball caster to serve as a third support point for your robot (as shown here).

- Ben

Ben has said absolutely correct . I haven’t exactly built a Robo but have made a RC car and I know that wheels should be in tandem with the gearbox, else your work increases.