Newbie looking for the right kind of motor for pan tilt head


I’m very new to the exciting world of robotics, so please forgive me for asking such basic questions.

I’m trying to build a video camera motion control system in which I could pre-program exact camera moves with Arduino.

I’m not sure what kind of a motor would best suite my intentions, there seems to be so many different options like brushless motors, stepper motors, servos etc.

I will list a few key things that might help with this decision:

-I need to control the motor accurately so that I can program it to always move the exact same amount
-The motor should be able to tilt a videocamera weighting up to 20 lbs (or 10 kilos).
-I need the motor to be able to turn around 360 degrees and in both directions (forward and reverse)
-The motor should be smooth, so that the movement won’t jitter
-I would like to be able to program also feathered movements (gradual starts and stops) for a smooth experience
-The maximum speed of the motor doesn’t have to be very fast

Is there some other things to take into consideration? Could you kindly suggest what type of a motor could suite my needs?

ANY help will be highly appreciated!



20 pounds is quite a bit, especially to be doing 360 degrees in both directions. A geared brushed motor will be the easiest to control, so you should look for that. The load your motor will have to lift will depend a lot on your mechanical design, so you’ll have to figure quite a bit of that out yourself. If you don’t need continuous rotation, you could use something like our jrk 12v12 with a potentiometer for feedback. (You would need the appropriate mechanical reduction or a multi-turn potentiometer to get a 360-degree range.)

- Jan