Newbie CHR-6d Inertial Measurement Unit Raw output?


I have current got the Chr-6d IMU working and can get the raw output from the imu. I have looked all over and i cannot figure out how to make since of the output. The data changes so i am sure it is working however i dont know how to get the conversion factor to make the data usable.

Any help would be appreciated.


From section 6 (page 5) of the IMU datasheet:

[quote]Sensor data is returned as 16-bit two’s complement integers. To obtain actual rates, the data
returned by the IMU should be multiplied by a scale factor. For the rate gyros, multiplying the
returned sensor data by 0.02014 gives the angular rate in degrees per second. For the
accelerometers, multiplying the sensor data by 0.0001678 gives the acceleration in m/s/s.
Actual scale factors vary between devices.

The pitch and roll angle estimates range from -360 to 360 degrees, and are reported as signed
16-bit integers. To get the actual estimated angles, multiply the output by 0.0109863.[/quote]

- Ben