New to Pololu , equipment list

I am new to servo control , have many years in electronics and programming . I would like to create a system that just opens and closes two doors on an O gauge train set station with switches and servo motors , can you give me an equipment list to accomplish this ? Thanks Musky5155

Hello, Musky5155.

I do not have much direct experience with those train sets, but you could probably make something like that using our Micro Maestro, two servos and some momentary switches. We have a “Using a button or switch to control servos” example in our Maestro User’s Guide that might be helpful. Some of our customers have also used reed switches in place of a button using the same example code.

If you get started and want someone to look over what you have so far, you can post your wiring diagram and Maestro script, and I would be glad to take a look at it.


Thanks for the response , I just wanted to make sure I can do what I want with that controller , I purchased a servo and was going to build a controller with some ic’s I had laying around but decided it would be easier to use your controller . As soon as I can get your software to stop adding the wrong additional numbers to my zip code I will place the order , first order was lost for 3 days . Thanks Steve E.