New, Please Help!

I’m new to all this, could someone please point me in the right direction, I have a Serial 8 controller, now I’ve followed the instructions and connected 4xaa batteries to the VIN+GND connection and also another 4xAA to the servo power (lower right side- next to the servo inputs) I haven’t adjusted the DTR/RTS jumper or Protocol selection jumper, and when I connect the yellow light just stays on, no other lights appear. I’ve been using the ‘pololu controller’ program from, and all I’m able to do is turn the yellow led on and off via the ‘power’ function of the program… I don’t know what i’m doing incorrectly and any help would be greatly appreciated :blush:


The program you’re using probably doesn’t do anything with the DTR/RTS lines, so when you connect to the port (turn it on), the LED goes out, right? The button is not a power button since there is no way you can control power from the serial port.

Taking off the reset jumper should fix your problem. You could also change the program to make whichever line you have connected to reset be in the non-reset state.

- Jan