Need script commands to store/read the Micro Maestro EEPROM

I have a application where I have to permanently store a servo position when a input is triggered.
I want to store the servo position value in the EEPROM of the Micro Maestro PIC processor.
But the Micro Maestro script language include no commands for reading or writing the EEPROM.
Is it planned to extend the Micro/Mini Maestro firmware with new commands ?


Hello. Thank you for the feedback. We have no plans to extend the firmware with that functionality, but we’ll keep it in mind. The EEPROM on the Maestro doesn’t have too much space left in it anyway, being only 256 bytes and holding the settings for 24 servo channels. Almost every Programmable Controller we sell has some kind of memory that the user program can write to, so you could look into using one of those to control the Maestro with the Maestro’s serial interface.