Need recommendation for motor and controller

I’m a software guy, but i have a project that needs a motor. The motor needs to run about 225-ish rpm and i need to be able to position it exactly and repeatably. I’d like to have it powered by 5 volts and control it from a raspberry pi. It doesn’t need a lot of torque; it will be turning a thin wooden ring around a 7" clock face via hidden gears. And of course, i don’t want to pay a lot for it.

So, telling me which product(s) to buy would be much appreciated. Thanks!


If you don’t need much torque, then our micro metal gearmotors with an encoder might work in your project:

The Raspberry Pi cannot read the encoder signals by itself, so you might consider a controller like a Roboclaw 2x7A that can process the encoder signals for you:

Another option to consider is using a stepper motors (which would let you do open-loop position control) along with one of our Tic stepper motor controllers: