Need motor help

Hi I’m a newbie and I need help finding a small motor.
I need one thats has a body of 17mm and a shaft width of 1.5mm I need it to run from about 6v to 14v .
I dont know any technical information but if anyone has any links or ideas I would appreciate it.

Hello, kcmoguy26.

Is 17mm your desired body diameter or length? Do you have any tolerance on these numbers or do they have to be preceisely 17mm and 1.5mm?

You can see all the motors we sell and their sizes here:


yes 17mm is my desired body diameter. The length doesnt have to be a ceratin size but diameter has to by 17mm. I would really like a 1.5mm shaft to make my life easy but I could possible make a 2mm shaft work.

Thanks for the reply.

Well I don’t see anything that fits those specifications exactly. This is probably the closest thing we have but the diameter is too small for you and shaft is too big:


I might be able to make on of the rectangular shaped motors work, but I dont see any shaft sizes on them. Is there one with a 2mm shaft?

The shaft diameter is listed in the “Shaft diameter” column on the page I linked you to:

You can click the little triangle in the column to sort by that column and find all the motors with a 2 mm shaft.