Need help with TReX and RS-232

Hello, I’m trying to find a solution and maybe someone here can help or guide me to the right place. I’ve got 2 of the TReX Motor Controllers hoping that they could communicate with one-another through RS-232. I learned that is not possible. There might be a solution programming a micro controller but I do not know how to do that. So here’s what I was trying to do. I was hooking up the joystick to one of the TReX boards and the motors on the other board. Then i hooked up a DB9 cable in between using the RX and TX pins. No luck. I was told it only sends the signal not receive it. Do you know what I can use to do this?? Thanks for any help.


You are correct, the TReX does not function this way. Its serial pins are for receiving serial commands from a microcontroller or computer. Is there some reason why you cannot connect the joystick directly to the TReX with the motors?

- Ben

Yes. I’m connecting the RS-232 and using an extender and sending the signal via fiber optic cable up to a 1 mile away. I’d like to connect the joystick at one end and have the motor control on the other. Is there a way to send joystick signal via rs-232 to the motor controller?

Yes, you can use something, such as a microcontroller, to read the joystick and convert it into a digital RS-232 signal. Note that many microcontrollers output non-inverted, logic-level serial, so you would probably also need something like a Max232 to convert this to RS-232.

- Ben