Need help with Maestro Servo Controller

Hi, I’m planning to control servo motors using Maestro Servo Controller with Raspberry Pi 3B, and I have trouble understanding some stuff.

  1. I am going to connect the controller to raspberry pi by using USB cable. In this case, do I also have to physically connect the RX, TX pins with jumper wires?

  2. Can I use C code for controlling the Maestro instead of using python? I want to control the servos directly by programming raspberry pi, instead of using the Script tab of Maestro Control Center.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.


How you connect the Maestro to the Raspberry Pi will depend on how you plan handling the communication. If you are going to communicate over native USB or the virtual COM port, a USB connection is enough and you do not need to connect to the RX and TX pins.

Yes, you can use C code to control the Maestro. You might consider starting with the “Cross-platform C” example in the Maestro user’s guide to get familiar with how it works.


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Thanks! :grinning: