Need help with a timer circuit


I want to do a timer circuit that can give 1V for a time duration of 10 minutes in every hour.

The kind of timer I’m talking about is in this link: 555 Timer Board - Share - PCBWay but I don’t know how to go further.


Have you considered an Arduino? I’ve never heard of anyone using a 555 to oscillate at 1 cycle per hour, that’s very very slow. Next, to provide 1V at some current, I like this trick: drive a red LED through the appropriate current-limiting resistor (tons of Arduino tutorials about that), then apply the voltage at the LED anode to the base of an NPN BJT transistor (chosen for max current and power dissipation). The forward voltage of a red LED is ~1.7V, and the voltage drop of the base emitter junction is ~0.7V, so you get ~1V at the emitter!

Edit: here is lesson #2 (!) from Adafruit: Blinking the LED | Arduino Lesson 2. LEDs | Adafruit Learning System. From this starting point, you’d have to figure out how many milliseconds in 10 minutes and 50 minutes, select an appropriate NPN transistor, and hook it up. Depending on your load, you might have to add a resistor from the emitter to ground.

Thank you very much.