Need help with a simple script for a tank turret cake topper

I read through the Maestro support section and it appears the writers assume some previous programming knowledge for the reader. It didn’t help me much.

I have a simple application… I made a tank turret birthday cake topper for my great nephew and I want to turn on a 6VDC power pack and have the Maestro turn the turret in a preprogrammed pattern back and forth until the switch is turned off again.

I assumed that I could (using the Maestro6 or 12) program a script that will start when DC power is turned on and run a hobby servo with no USB connection? Is that possible or does the Maestro not have any onboard memory?

If the Maestro won’t work for my application, does Pololu have a product that will pull this off that doesn’t have much of a learning curve? Any help would be appreciated!

Here are a couple pictures of the project… … 6.jpg?dl=0 … 9.jpg?dl=0

I just watched a video that got me where I needed to go. I just needed to add the jumper so the script runs when I turn power on.

The servo is a little jumpy. Are there any settings that will smooth it out? I’ve tried playing with speed and acceleration and those don’t make it less jumpy.

Feel free to post any ideas to improve the project.



It sounds like your speed and acceleration settings are not being saved. If you are using the sequencer feature to program your servo movements and to generate your script, you will need to save the speed and acceleration settings separately, since the sequencer does not save those values for each frame individually. To do this, you can change the values in the “Channel Settings” tab and then click the " Apply Settings" button in the bottom right corner of the Control Center.

Alternatively, you can also change the speed or acceleration values for each channel in the script using the “SPEED” and “ACCELERATION” commands. For more information about these commands, please see the “Command Reference” section of the Maestro User’s Guide.

If you continue to run into trouble, can you post your Maestro settings file and let me know what channel your servo is connected to? You can save the settings file through the Control Center by selecting File->Save settings file.

By the way, your project sounds fun. We would love to see pictures or a video when it is all set up (maybe during your great nephew’s birthday, so we can see his reaction)!

- Amanda

Thanks for the info… the turret has been delivered for the cake. I’ll post a pic or video after the bday party if I can remember. Its not until June.

Here’s a link to the video of it working before being incorporated into a cake… … O.mp4?dl=0

Plans here… … S.doc?dl=0

.STL files for the 3D printed parts… … E.stl?dl=0 … D.stl?dl=0 … D.stl?dl=0 … F.stl?dl=0 … Y.stl?dl=0

I am glad to hear that the tank turret is working. We would love to see your video, but it looks like your link does not work.

- Amanda

[quote=“AmandaS”]I am glad to hear that the tank turret is working. We would love to see your video, but it looks like your link does not work.

  • Amanda[/quote]

Link fixed… sorry about that. Let me know if it works this time. I also added simple plans. If anyone wants the .STL files for the 3D printed parts I’d be glad to pass them along also.

Thanks for fixing that link and adding the .STL files for your tank! Hopefully you will be able to post another video (or picture) of it on your great nephew’s cake.

- Amanda