Need help with a Simple Motor Contoller 18v7

Hi, my name is Milo and I’m an Artist in Denver. I’m currently working on a piece that involves the movement of wings on a wall sculpture.

I have parts form a past project I would like to use. I’ve got a 12v Linear Actuator (Pololu #2332) without Feedback, also a Simple Motor Controller 18v7 – (Pololu #1372).

Project Description
I need to make my 12v linear actuator to switch on using a PIR Detector switch (Pololu #1635) Starting Point is the (Back-Internal Limit Switch) throw FORWARD approx. 1.5” STOP (with a switch or no switch?), and then REVERSE to its Starting Point.

Is there a way to do this using the material that I currently have, or do I have to go in another direction all together? (Program Controllers, Servo Motor)

Thanks in advance. I would really like to use existing material without much more expense. Don’t know if I need a program controller.


Hello, Milo.

Unfortunately, I think you will need something more to make this project work. You could hook the sensor up to an analog input on the Simple Motor Controller, and then configure it so that the actuator drives forward while there is motion being sensed and drives backwards at all other times. However, with that setup, you would not be able to control when or where the actuator stops; it would change direction whenever the output of the sensor changes.

I would recommend reading the sensor with a microcontroller, and sending serial commands to the Simple Motor Controller from the microcontroller. We offer a variety of programmable controllers that would work:

Good luck on your project! We would love to see a video when it is done!


Thanks…I was afraid of that.

Will move on to phase two and I will send a pic when I’m done.

Meanwhile check out