Need Help wiring JRK 21 and 6 wires stepper motor

Hi All,
I need make works a jrk 21v3 with Stepper Motor: Unipolar/Bipolar, 200 Steps/Rev, 42x48mm, 4V, 1200mA, but i don’t know where put each stepper wire in jrk, where can I find some schematic, or tell me where put each wire color in jrk board.



Hello, Jhon.

Unfortunately, the jrk can not drive stepper motors. It can only drive brushed DC motors.


Thanks David,
I also have an brushed DC motor, how must it be connected to works, are there any detailed sample?


Your DC motor should have two leads, so you can connect one lead to the “A” pin on the jrk and another lead to the “B” pin on the jrk. If you connect a power supply to GND and VIN and plug in USB, then this is all the wiring you need to do to control the motor from USB. You would have to set the jrk’s input mode to “Serial” and its feedback mode to “None”. Later if you want to do position control, you would want to add a feedback potentiometer, set the feedback mode to “Analog”, set your PID constants, and change any other settings you need to change. Please see the jrk user’s guide for more information: