Need help to control speed of stepper motor

hello sir,

i am running my pwm at 572z,with 50% dutycycle.after that i am varying my frequency like 600hz,300hz,400hz,and 800hz. i have checked this with oscilloscope.but still i am not able to vary the speed.i have made config pin to HIGH.i am running motor in indexer mode,
which other factors should i care?where may be the problem?

please help.



Each pulse to the STEP input corresponds to one microstep of the stepper motor in the direction selected by the DIR pin. So, you can control the speed of your stepper motor by controlling how often you send a pulse to the STEP pin. Since you are sending some sort of PWM signal to the STEP pin, it sounds like you can adjust the frequency of that signal to change the speed of your stepper motor.