Need help segregating pwr on Mini Maaestro 24/Multiplexer

I have a unique setup with a fairly high current draw that I’m trying to ensure protection before connecting.

I am using a 2S (6.6v) LiFE high draw battery pack
I am splitting voltage off using 2 separate D15V35F5S3 step down regs. one 5v, one 3.3
A mini-computer and numerous sensors are powered off the 2 regulators.
The servos are connected to the Mini-Maestro and an R/C Receiver through a Pololu Servo Multiplexer.

I would like to power 5v analog sensors on the Mini-Maestro from the 5v regulator while powering the servos directly off the 6.6v+ LiFE pack (even when they are receiving a PWM signal from the maestro). The way I see it, if the Multiplexer master connects to the R/C Receiver (powered by the 6.6-7.2v pack) and the slave connects to the Mini-Maestro, then the 6.6+ volts should be segregated from the Mini-Maestro. There would be no conflict between the 5v regulated voltage for the sensors on the Mini Maestro and the servo supply voltage even when the multiplexer is flip-flopped from one source to the other.

I don’t want to damage anything by hooking it up this way. I would simply power everything off of the 5v regulator but I’m pretty sure it’ll draw more than 3.5A.


Hello, Jim.

Sounds like an interesting project. Could you post a wiring diagram of what you are proposing? It will help us better understand how you are planning to connect everything.

- Jeremy