Need help in interfacing an RF module

Sir, I need to interface a RF module to my 3pi robot… That will be able to receive data sent at 2.4 GHz…Can you please suggest what type of receiver will be best suited for reception of such transmitted data…As well as how do i start interfacing the module with the 3pi…It would be very helpful sir…Moreover i am a absolute beginner in advanced topics like USART and UART…Can you brief me about these thing and help me out in the coding part


You make it sound like there is already a set transmitter, in which case you should get a corresponding receiver for that module. There’s a lot more to these RF modules than just the main frequency. If you do not have any transmitter yet, the XBee modules seem popular (though I have not first-hand experience with them).

In general, if you know you don’t know much about topics like serial communication, you should learn about them. There are many resources available online, and you can’t expect someone else to just write the code for you.

- Jan

Thanks for the Quick Reply I am not asking for a ready made code for the communication purpose…Yes the system already has a transceiver of CC2500…

This is What i need to made…the link is above…I am just asking for materials…Like to help budding programmers like us you all made the PoloLu 3pi library…Please help me out…I will be very grateful…

By leaving out critical information like that from your original post, you’re wasting the time of anyone who might be inclined to help you. By the way, your use of ellipses (…) every few words is annoying, too. If the contest is going to work with the CC2500, it seems like you should look for a carrier board for that chip (we don’t have one). Are you sure the contest organizers don’t have a recommended receiver chip? It says “the protocol will be published soon”; are you sure they won’t have a recommended hardware solution soon, too?

- Jan

I am sorry sir, if i have been an annoyance, The protocol will be published but i called them up, and they informed me that no hardware solutions will be given it is up to the participants to find a hardware solution for themselves. That is the reason why i am confused, in the first place

Is there some kind of directory of participants that you could use to contact others and see what they’re doing? I don’t know what the scope of this contest is supposed to be, but it seems strange to base some requirement on a proprietary wireless system without providing hardware or at least some sources for compatible hardware.

- Jan

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12 seconds to solve the final maze…What about yours…How many seconds did you take…where are you from @ karkandex

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