Need advice on serial motor controller

Hello all,

I’m looking to get into robots as a hobby and would like to get some advice about serial motor controllers. I came across an Imsys SNAP controller in a Systronix TILT400 board:

Could someone recommend a good controller/mortor/grearbox combination for a small project to get started?


As far as the Pololu stuff is concerned,
I would think a good starting point would
be the Orangutan Robot Controller
plus the Tamiya 70168 Double Gearbox
If you really want to use the other
controller board, the Pololu Micro Dual
Serial Motor Controller
might be good. :slight_smile:


We recommend the low-voltage dual serial motor controller for use with the Tamiya gearboxes. The micro motor controller and Orangutans are based on the LB1836 motor driver that maxes out at 1 A, while the motor stall currents are around 2 A even as low as 3V.

- Jan