Need a help for stepper motor

I bought Bipolar, 200 Steps/Rev, 35x28mm, 10V, 500mA with A4983 drivers and made
the connections as shown in attached figure .
Stepper motor:
I have some questions
1)Are my connections are correct including motor? (Please see attached file)
2) What should be current consumption? in power supply it is showing 4mamp?
3)How do i know whether my connections and current consumption is proper?
4) When i am giving step pulse of 7 Khz (reandom frequency) motor doesn’t move
that means i did mistake somewhere i could not found out yet? Please help?
5) My step pulse frequency is correct (7 KHz) or i need to give any proper
frequency pulse?
6) Please give me any suggetions to rotate the motor? Where am i wrong?
Thanks for your time and help.


Why do you have !reset grounded? Also, 7kHz is probably too fast. At first you can do just a few Hz and see the motor move a step with each pulse. If your microcontroller is running at 3.3V, the connections otherwise look okay. Once you release !reset, you should see much more current than just the 4mA.

- Jan

Hello Jan,
Thanks for help, you are correct there was a problem of reset and i have changed to high and motor worked fine. Reason that i have connected to low signal is that in data-sheet A4983 is given that RESET pin is high level active and in drivers schematic it is low level active that’s i confused. Thanks a lot for help.
There is one more thing i noticed, when i have connected the motor to drivers, after a minute motor start heating though it is working properly. Could you please tell me why this happening? Is it a normal operation or do i need to adjust something so that motor will not heat?
Thanks for your time.

In general, motors get hot. What can be unexpected with stepper motors is that they get hot even if they’re not moving (if you’re holding a position). To make it less hot, you can lower your current setting.

- Jan

If your not holding a position or something, you should !enable to disable power to motor. They will cook your breakfast if left holding step for long period. sleep is used more to turn off everything for long breaks or before poweroff and !sleep is like power up. To compare to PC, !enable is like pc-sleep mode, and sleep is like pc power off.

Thanks Jan, i will use that potentiometer and try to reduce the current. But how can i check the current supplied to the motor and what should be the minimum current requirements for the motor?

@staceyw: Thanks for help. I will use enable pin to reduce the heating as you said. I just did it and I think it will work because when enable is active motor takes nearly 750 mAmp and when I am disabling the enable pin current was reduced to 4 amp. Thanks a lot staceyw.

Thanks for your time.

There’s not much of a minimum for the motor; as you turn down the current, you’ll get less torque, so it’s up to your application.

- Jan

Thanks Jan…