Multiplexer useage question

Would it be possible to use the 4 Channel Multiplexor in reverse to multiplex the output of a single set of RX channels to two different sets of servos?

I typically setup an RC Tank to use channels 3 and 4 to control the turret/main-gun movement side-to-side, traverse (CH3) and up-and-down, elevation (CH4). Well, I an working on setting up a RC Tank with 2 main-guns and I would like to use channel 5 to control a multiplexor to select between which turret/main-gun I would be controlling with channels 3 and 4 - sort of making it a weapon selector.




Unfortunately, that is not possible with our mux, and I do not know of a product to recommend for that. You could use our RC switch with digital output and a few logic gates (two ANDs and an inverter) to do it.

- Jan