Multiplexer question

I am running a 4 channel multiplexer inline with a maestro 6 channel rc servo controller.
Is there not a way to use the master/slave on auto instead of using a channel on the transmitter to sel in the multiplexer?
Instead of switching manual between master and slave, I would like for slave to run script movemnets and when master is started from the transmitter inputs, it would switch over. i may have the master and slave in reverse tho.


Hello, Paul.

You should be able to get the effect you want by connecting your scripted controller to the master inputs, your receiver to the slave inputs, and an additional channel from your receiver to the multiplexer’s SEL input. If you put the J1 jumper on, then the output from the multiplexer will default to the master (scripted) inputs when the SEL signal from the receiver becomes invalid. Then, if you make sure your transmitter is always sending pulses above 1.7 ms on the SEL channel, the multiplexer will automatically switch over to the receiver inputs when those signals become valid.

- Kevin