Multiple IR. Beacon Transceivers

We will have robot contest in a few weeks.

For each match, there will be two robot-cars in a wall-protected field. The field has two exits, one for each robot. After the robots finish their jobs, they will have to find their own exits.

I bought a pair of IR. Beacon transceivers to help our robot to exit, but it turned out that some other teams are also using the method with the same type of IR Beacon transceivers. If our robot detects their IR beacon, it will
just go to the wrong exit, and we will lose points.

I am wondering if there is anyway to help our robot to identify its own IR beacon, or anyway to solve this problem.

Thank you


The beacons with our code on them are designed for a total of two beacons in one playing field, so four of them will not work together. However, you do not need bidirectional detection or for arbitrary pairs of units to work together, so you could program your beacon at your exit to send a particular pattern, and then look for that pattern with a detector on your robot.

- Jan

Thanks : )

Oh, I forgot to ask that, by programming the beacon at our exit to send a particular pattern, do you mean that we just program our micro-controller to turn the Enable Pin of the beacon ‘on’ and ‘off’ with a pattern , or turn the power of the beacon ‘on’ and ‘off’ with a pattern?

Another question is : what exactly does the Enable Pin do?
The data sheet says the Enable Pin is optional. With a pair of IR Beacon Transceivers, I have tried turning both Enable Pins on, and then left only one of them on, and it worked in both cases. It seems no difference. Only when I turned both of them off, it stopped working. Did I just misunderstand the functionality of the Enable Pin?


No, I meant program the microcontroller on the beacon (a PIC16F630).

The enable pin enables all operation of the beacon. You should see that the beacons stop transmitting if you make the enable lines low.

- Jan