Multiple Esc

Can the maestro be used to drive two or more Esc, I read somewhere that only one channel can act as pwm in maestro 12 and maestro 24. Can a channel configured as servo be used to drive an ESC. Is the output when configured as servo channel a continuous pwm signal.


If you configure the Maestro’s channels as “Servo”, they will continuously generate a standard RC servo pulse that you can control. So, if your ESC accepts standard RC servo pulses (which they commonly do), you could control a single ESC per channel on the Maestro. The channels that can do PWM output on our Maestros are more advanced since they have the capability of generating square-wave logic signals outside the range of standard RC servo pulses. A Maestro channel that can be configured for PWM output is more useful for doing things like controlling the brightness of LEDs, and sending motor driver control signals. If you wan to learn more about the difference between RC servo signals and PWM, you might consider reading this blog post about the servo control interface.