Mscorlib access denied

Howdy Forum,

So a while back, I created a NETassembly DLL to interact with the Pololu Maestro servo board. This works great and I’ve had good luck using it on my machine.

However, when I attempt to move it over to a different PC and use it, I’m given the complaint:

mscorlib access denied.

Any thoughts on why? I’m using NET framework 4.5 on both PC’s. I’ve installed the general Maestro gui on both and can control the pololu servo controller from both PCs using the gui.

I’m relatively new to DLLs and haven’t seen this before. THoughts? The preamble of my DLL is shown below (written in C#):

using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using Pololu.Usc; using Pololu.UsbWrapper;


Unfortunately I have not seen that message and do not know what might be causing it. Is there any more information in the error message besides those three words? If the message is displayed in a window of its own, then what is the title of the window and what buttons does the window have?

Maybe you need to have the .NET Framework 3.5 installed as well, because that is what UsbWrapper.dll was compiled for.

I found this page documenting a similar error:

You might consider trying the steps from the Resolution section and see if they help.

Also, does the program work if you run it as an administrator? What operating systems are being used on the two computers? Are they 32-bit or 64-bit? Please let us know when you find the solution.