MOTOR RUN serial command (Pololu jrk21v3)

someone can tell me what is the serial command to RUN MOTOR, I’m using jrk21v3 and can not find this command?


Hello, Carlos.

You should to configure the jrk to have these settings:

Input Mode = Serial
Serial Mode = USB Dual Port, assuming you are controlling it from a PC
Feedback Mode = None

In the Feedback options section, the jrk user’s guide explains what a feedback mode of None means:

Therefore to get your motor to run you actually send a Set Target serial command with a target of 2048 +/- 600.


Hello David,
I realized this, but every time I turn off the motor power and then turn on, I have to do the MOTOR RUN in Pololu Jrk Configuration Utility. If I just do SET TARGET does not work … as I am working on linux I do not have Pololu Jrk Configuration Utility, so I can not do RUN MOTOR. Always I turn off the engine I have to go to the Windows to Pololu Jrk Configuration Utility and there click in MOTOR RUN botton, then back to linux (with the motor power always on) and so I can do SET TARGET.
there is no serail command to RUN MOTOR and stay off the switch operating system???


Hello, Carlos.

It sounds like you have configured some of your errors to be Enabled & Latched. This means that to clear them and allow your motor to run again, you will have to send the Get Error Flags Halting command (0xB3) to the jrk.