Motor reverse doesn't work every 4-5 tries

I am driving two dc motors with a Qik 2s12v10. I am supplying the board with 12V DC and have programmed it to limit the current to the motors to .335 amps. One driver works fine for both directions. The other always works in one direction, but periodically won’t work in the other direction. I have swapped motors and it makes no difference. When I put an oscilloscope on the M+ and M- outputs of the ‘bad’ driver, they are both at 12V dc, no pulse modulation like a good driver.

I have varied the speed from minimum through pretty fast and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Any suggestions?


Can you tell me the exact values you have set for parameters 8, 9, 10, and 11? Also, what is your power supply and what is the stall current of your motor?

The resolution of the current limit parameter means your limit will always be a multiple of 300 mA, so it is not possible for you to have set the current limit to “0.335 A”. If you have it set to 300 mA (parameter value of 1), that might explain your problem: the controller will likely not work well with such a small limit because the current reading is not very accurate for low currents. If you remove the current limit or raise it substantially, does the problem go away?

- Ben