Motor Driver Question


I have a few questions about the Pololu High-Power Motor drivers.
I’m currently building a combat robot with very powerful motors (around 140 A stall current) and i was wondering what driver can i choose. It will run at 18V and a current draw of 40-50 A for around 20 seconds.
I guess that an 18v25 with active cooling (high speed fan + heat sinks) could do the job.
It only has to work for 1-2 minutes.
Also i can see that the driver doesn’t have over-current and over-temperature protection.
Will it really burn?

Thanks in advance! :smiley:


Unfortunately, I think the kind of load you have is beyond any driver or controller we have right now.

- Jan

On a related front, I’d like to plug my Baby Orangutan into the mains. Will it catch fire, or only melt? :wink:

Ha. But by the way, I think the original post in this thread is not that bad since cornelam seems to understand that he would really be pushing the unit, and he might have been hoping that our ratings were conservative enough that he could (barely) get away with his application.

- Jan