Motor controllers

I have an application where i need to run some large motors on a wheelchair. I am converting it to a remote comtrol golf caddy. I created a circuit to control the chair by simulating the joystick–i used some digital pots and a propeller chip. This set-up worked great until I made a stupid mistake and destroyed the board by allowing the 5v supply to contact ground. I was moving the prototype board and failed to power down the chair. so my question is this can i take a controller or driver and adapt it to a high power application? Or am i stuck building one from scratch? I am using a Jazzy Jet Scooter, if anyone knows how many amps the motor draw i would appreciate the info. The MOSFETS that are on the board will handle up to 80amps. The motors are controlled by 8 MOSFETS and 4 halfbridge Controllers. Any info or suggestions would be appreciated.

Try measure the motor current using amp meter by using free test.